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A couple weeks ago a good friend and business owner asked me what all this CX stuff was about.  Inspired, I put together this little video.  Enjoy (and share!):


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Don’t try to be Zappos…Just do better than the DMV

There’s a saying in CX:  You’re not only competing against your industry peers, you’re also competing against Zappos.  While folks in the shoe business can take that sentiment seriously and literally, the idea is that Customers these days are getting more used to outstanding experiences from certain brands.  Besides the online shoe retailer, people point to Four Seasons hotels, Wegmans, and Apple, among a small group of elite Customer-centric companies.  These brands are impacting Customer expectations far beyond their own industries.  No matter what line of business you’re in (and whether you’re offering a product, service, or both), Customers know what it feels like to be treated well…and more and more they’re coming to expect it from everybody, no matter what.  You could say, everybody’s expected to be Zappos these days.

That’s a lot of work.  But here’s the good news:  While Customers are comparing you to Trader Joe’s and USAA, they’re also comparing you to the Department of Motor Vehicles and (let’s be honest) just about any domestic airline not named Southwest or Jet Blue.  My point being that, while Customer expectations are formed at the high end by these elite performers, sometimes they’re also prepared for the worst; and especially so if you happen to work within an ecosystem traditionally associated with poor experiences.  Sometimes it doesn’t take moving heaven and earth or necessarily knocking an experience out of the park to make a mark.  Simply addressing a known Customer pain-point that none of your peers is taking care of can do the trick. (more…)

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What makes a CX job an actual CX Job?

When I left my last internal, corporate CX gig to go back into consulting, I wasn’t interested in taking on another full-time job. But a series of continuing interactions with recruiters and start-up founders has made me curious about it so from time to time I poke around on job boards and take a look more generally at what’s ‘out there’ on the CX job market.

If you’re looking for CX work, or if like me you just dip into Glassdoor or LinkedIn Jobs every once in a while just to see what’s up, you may have noticed what I did:  It’s like the Wild West out there!

I don’t know if it’s because CX is a relatively young field (or at least it’s become more prevalent lately) or if perhaps “Customer Experience” is becoming popular enough as a term or perhaps a catch-phrase in the business world that it’s popping up more often.  But one thing’s for certain:  There are a lot of jobs listed out there whose titles at least sound like they’re CX.  My first thoughts on this took me back to the trend many years ago where organizations were falling all over themselves to create a Quality Department or Office of Operational Excellence or Business Process Improvement Team and I wondered if perhaps this was another trend that companies are chasing after with varying degrees of success and different levels of actual dedication. (more…)

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Does FCR make sense? It depends.

I recently took part in a discussion among CX experts regarding FCR, short in our parlance for First Contact Resolution. That it used to be called First Call Resolution speaks to one point I want to make. We struggled with this in the last job I had as the Director of CX: How to even define FCR.

Some on the team wanted to drive it from our own internal metrics, based on actual experiences of our Customers rather than from surveying them. I generally recommend and prefer this sort of approach: While it’s always great to solicit feedback from our Customers, it’s even better to capture their actual experiences. If a Customer says it took too long, that’s valuable feedback, but if you’re like me, your first question is, “Okay, how long is ‘too long?’ How long did it actually take?” Knowing that can help us better determine what our goals should be.

That makes sense, but context matters.  Consider the following scenario: A Customer contacts your support desk through online chat and the agent (or bot!) immediately recognizes that the complexity of the issue requires live over-the-phone support and directs the Customer to call a specific number. The Customer calls right away, gets right through (perhaps because this is a dedicated line explicitly for this sort of circumstance), the telephony system recognizes the Customer’s phone number and pre-populates the tools for the phone agent with all the information needed. Armed with this data the agent is able to quickly and effectively walk the Customer through a recovery tree and resolve the issue. The Customer is not only satisfied, but probably pretty impressed by how easily your organization moved him or her between channels and solved the problem. (more…)

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