“Doing CX” means different things to different people.

That’s because Customer Experience can mean different things depending on the context.

Discussing the practice and discipline of CX requires a shared definition These videos should help when it comes to Getting CX Right as an operation within your business:


Simon Sinek says to start with WHY, and your reasons for “Doing CX” will have a tremendous impact on your success as well as what it looks like when you have it.


Success in your CX work will require a specific definition, one shared by your entire organization, if you’re expecting to benefit from implementing CX as an operation.


Now that we’ve determined WHAT CX is, where do we begin building CX as a function within your company?

Here’s a breakdown of the framework we’ll use to make it happen for you.


You’ll need to hire the right folks and give them the right sort of charter to see the most positive impacts and benefits from “Doing CX” in your organization.  Here’s what that means: