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let’s design your cx solution

see the offerings below or suggest what works best for you

we want an office of the customer

we want help “doing cx”

we want project consultation

office of the customer package

fractional chief customer officer

a la carte

What you get

As a deliverable, a fully staffed and functional Office of the Customer and recruitment and placement of your “Forever CCO”

Adjunct leadership and oversight of programming for Insights, PE, and CX Culture

Training, workshops, PM, assessments, VoC/PE/Culture projects

what z brings

Oversee staffing / hiring / chartering / execution of Office of the Customer and installment of fulltime  Chief Customer Officer

Sits as ELT member, overseeing Chief Customer Officer functions (Insights/CX/CX Culture) on a predetermined parttime basis

Facilitation, PM, audits, assessments, mentoring, speaking…

how billing works

Initial assessment charge and

Fortnightly for length of contract

Percentage of full-time for length of contract

Per engagement / project / event

typical engagement length

Typically 2 – to – 3 quarters

As long as we’d like (monthly or quarterly contract)

Varies:  Hourly to project

don’t see the right fit?  have more questions?

contact z and let’s find how to get cx right for you!