Call it the CX Department or the Office of the Customer…
Here’s an executable design for building the CX function within your company or organization.

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This is an overview of the four components that make up the CX Framework:

  • Brand Alignment
  • Customer Insights
  • Process Engineering
  • Customer-centric Culture

Align your CX Strategy and Brand Promise:

Keep in mind the whole reason for “Doing CX” is to drive Brand Alignment.  Here we’ll explore the benefits of this approach and why that’s the strategic foundation for Customer Experience success.

Customer Insights:

Your Insights program will lead the way with valuable guidance on what you need to do to improve your Brand Alignment

Process Engineering:

PE is where the magic happens and you start taking action to improve your Customers’ experiences.

Customer-centric Culture:

A strong Customer-centric culture will tie all your CX efforts together.  And, no, hanging up banners and handing out t-shirts isn’t enough!