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It’s really just BPI

If you’ve followed me much at all, you know that my main mantra about CX is that you need to work your VoC insights, by which I mean, you have to take action on what you’ve learned there.  Otherwise (as I’ve written recently), you’re simply throwing your money away with surveys, interviews, and the like.

In fact, as I’ve also mentioned, the largest part of your CX program—the part that should receive the most attention, the most effort, the most resources, time, and energy—should be your Process Engineering efforts.  It’s not that Customer Insights or building a good CX Culture aren’t important, and not that they don’t sometimes require a lot of resources and attention themselves.  But, if I’d written my framework as a picture with cogs in a machine, the PE piece would by far be the biggest part.

That’s because it’s where the changes happen.  Sure…these changes couldn’t have been as impactful or as well-identified and directed had they not been based on Customer Insights.  And definitely it takes a culture that’s truly Customer-centric in order to get people on board with the whys of your process improvements.  But somebody’s got to do the…doing. […]

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Maybe just stop doing VoC?

I’ve been toying with an idea recently:  Tell my clients to simply stop doing VoC.

Yes, I realize that sounds kind of controversial.  But as opposed to my usual way of doing things, that’s not why I suggest this.  In fact, I’m only (partly) sort of kidding anyway.

But here’s my reasoning:

Brands sometimes spend inordinate gobs of money and time and resources developing over-the-top tremendously complicated VoC programs.  I’m not just talking about surveys.  I’m talking AI and “sentiment analysis” and social media scraping and all that.  So excited, or desperate, or whatever, are they to discern what their Customers think about their brand, they pour all they’ve got into the function of Customer Insights.

Well, good for them.

But here’s the big question:  What are they doing with those insights? […]

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No Be There

Probably one of the worst shows streaming these days is Kobra Kai, but if you’re like me, you can’t look away.  Naturally, being a Gentleman of a Particular Age™, the original Karate Kid movie was part of my growing up, so I was curious.  In the modern iteration, the acting is atrocious, the dialog is forced and clumsy, and for that matter, even the plot lines are eye-rollingly bad with all the surprise loyalty shifts and team-jumping.  But anyway, one definitely redeeming facet of the show is the frequency of throwbacks to lines and experiences from the original franchise that make you smile about a different time.  A long way to go to set up that, one of Mr. Miagi’s famous pieces of advice to a young Daniel was that the best way to win a fight is to avoid it, or, in his trademark broken English, “No Be There.”  The idea being, the best way to win a fight is to avoid it, and one way to avoid it is not to be there when it happens.  (There’s an episode where Johnny, who these days is on-again-off-again no longer a nemesis, but rather a reluctant partner of Daniel, cheekily gets the pair into a fight with some tough hockey players but conveniently spirits himself away and out of harm to leave Daniel to fend for himself.  “No be there,” he says, returning once Daniel has vanquished the menacing crew.) […]

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Don’t bother if you can’t get it right

My partner gets his hair cut at one of the chain “salons”.  I use the quotes because it’s not a fancy place.  There’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s a chain that you can probably guess…there are a few of them and they do fine work for a great price.

His only gripe is one I think we as Customer Experience folks can appreciate. […]

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Resolved or Closed

I’ve written before about how astonishing it is that some brands seem to be actively trying to alienate their Customers with obvious slights like specifically using the words “Do_Not_Reply” for the actual name of the mailbox when communicating.  It’s as though someone asked a hypothetical question:  “How could we best indicate to our Customers that we don’t care what they have to say nor even want to hear from them?”  And some wiseass in the Customer Care department answered them literally: “How about we do this?”

Here’s another one I get, particularly when I try to reach out to the support services in the military (although I’ve seen it plenty in industry too):  “Your ticket has been closed.”

Has it, now? […]

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It may be your partners

I was speaking with a friend recently who had some car trouble.  Hers is a fancy car (much more fancy than mine) and she’s used to having concierge-type service and treated very well by her car company when she needs help.

However, on this instance, her experience with the tow-truck driver who came to help her was decidedly not luxury.  The guy wasn’t offensive or objectionable, but he was late, was a poor communicator (both in manner and style), and sort of curt when it all came down to it.

Now, this isn’t checking into a 5-star resort in a tropical destination…This is a breakdown along the highway and someone coming along to tow your car to the shop.  So of course, expectations should be appropriate, and she didn’t overlook the satisfaction of simply getting the job done…anybody’s an angel in a situation like that.

Still, I couldn’t help but wonder how often Brand Promises are impacted—negatively, often—by the company we choose to keep; which is to say, our business partners. […]

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