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Last year I published my first book on Amazon.

These days you can also get it at Barnes & Noble.

When I was coming up learning about CX, I listened to the Experience This! podcast with Dan Gingiss and Joey Coleman.  Then I was on it!

Publish date:  21 December, 2021

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EXPERIENCE THIS!EP150: Alignment, Entertainment, and Accomplishment!
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Here’s me on my good friend Rick Denton‘s “CX Passport” podcast.

Publish date:  29 June, 2021 (and I re-ran on 8 March, 2022)

I was one of Nick Glimsdahl‘s earliest guests on his “Press 1 For Nick” podcast:

Publish date: 7 August, 2020

Then Nick had me back as part of a live event:

Publish date: 16 March, 2022

It was an honor to be on Dan Gingiss‘s “Experience Maker” show..

Publish date:  4 November, 2021

I had a wonderful conversation with my friend Mary Drumond from Worthix

Publish date:  8 November, 2021

I was honored to be on the one-and-only Fireside Chats Without the Fires podcast.  Here Neal and Paul and I go over a lot of what ended up in my book.

Publish date:  9 March, 2021

… Then, Neal and Paul had me back after I published it.

Publish date:  20 September, 2021

The lovely and gracious Charlotte Ward has had me on her podcast enough times she should have her own page here!  She even did a written Q&A with me once.

Episode #118: CSAT

Publish date:  23 September, 2020

Episode #134: Support’s Relationship to Sales

Publish date:  22 October, 2020

Episode #193: The Perfect Support Email

Publish date:  14 April, 2021

Episode #210: Fireside with Nicholas Zeisler

Publish date:  2 July, 2021

Vitally asked me “17 Questions on the Future of Customer Success”  Complete write-up here

Publish date:  23 November, 2021

It seems a million years, and Founders Live has come a long way.  This was me and Nick way back on his podcast

Publish date:  18 October, 2020

Ben Goodey had me on Sentisum‘s Support Insights podcast.  He even has a write-up on some questions I’d answered, too.

Publish date:  30 October, 2020

Here’s a written Q&A I did with CX Buzz.

Publish date:  27 March, 2021

I was on Engati’s podcast talking CX measures with Veneet Shajn.

Publish date:  7 February, 2021

I highly recommend Gavin Scott‘s Customer Service Gold Dust podcast…not just my episode!

Publish date:  28 July, 2021

I was a guest on the vivacious Supriya Sharma‘s CX…Oh! podcast.  She even has soothing music in the background no doubt an attempt to take the edge of my mania!

Publish date:  27 June, 2021