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A while back I published my first book on Amazon.

These days you can also get it at Barnes & Noble.

When I was coming up learning about CX, I listened to the Experience This! podcast with Dan Gingiss and Joey Coleman.  Then I was on it!

Publish date:  21 December, 2021

My awesome friend (and marketing genius), Muriel Lotto, and I were on Alan Hart‘s Marketing Today podcast.  Here we chat about how CX and Marketing go hand-in-hand

Publish date:  1 November, 2023

Here I am chatting Marketing and CX with Alex Romanovich on his Global Edge Markets podcast.

Publish date:  8 November, 2023

The fantastic group, Empathy In Tech honored me by asking that I come around and chat about what CX is.  Here’s a replay of that event:

Original event date, 27 July, 2023

My great friend, Sarah Hatter had me on her ElevateCX show and we got…a little off track!

Publish date:  14 February, 2023

Here’s me with the incomparable Christa Heibel chatting about Brand Alignment for her show, Contact Center Conversations.

Publish date:  25 January, 2023

I was super-excited (like, almost beside myself!) to have been invited to be the keynote speaker for the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) Annual Convention and Expo in the fall of 2021.  Regrettably, we had to switch to online, but as a result, we now have a digital version of the event!

Original event date, 27 October, 2021

Here’s me on my good friend Rick Denton‘s “CX Passport” podcast.

Publish date:  29 June, 2021 (and I re-ran on 8 March, 2022)

I was one of Nick Glimsdahl‘s earliest guests on his “Press 1 For Nick” podcast:

Publish date: 7 August, 2020

Then Nick had me back as part of a live event:

Publish date: 16 March, 2022

It was an honor to be on Dan Gingiss‘s “Experience Maker” show..

Publish date:  4 November, 2021

I had a wonderful conversation with my friend Mary Drumond from Worthix

Publish date:  8 November, 2021

I was thrilled to be on the one-and-only Fireside Chats Without the Fires podcast.  Here Neal and Paul and I go over a lot of what ended up in my book.

Publish date:  9 March, 2021

… Then, Neal and Paul had me back after I published it.

Publish date:  20 September, 2021

The lovely and gracious Charlotte Ward has had me on her podcast enough times she should have her own page here!  She even did a written Q&A with me once.

Episode #118: CSAT

Publish date:  23 September, 2020

Episode #134: Support’s Relationship to Sales

Publish date:  22 October, 2020

Episode #193: The Perfect Support Email

Publish date:  14 April, 2021

Episode #210: Fireside with Nicholas Zeisler

Publish date:  2 July, 2021

I was on Darshan Mehta‘s then-kinda-new podcast, “Getting to Aha” where we discussed the book and my approach to CX.

Publish date:  8 July, 2022

Danna Olivo has a lot of stuff going on.  I was glad she took a minute and had me on her “Charged-Up Studio” podcast recently.

Publish date:  21 June, 2022

Vitally asked me “17 Questions on the Future of Customer Success”  Complete write-up here

Publish date:  23 November, 2021

It seems a million years, and Founders Live has come a long way.  This was me and Nick way back on his podcast

Publish date:  18 October, 2020

Ben Goodey had me on Sentisum‘s Support Insights podcast.  He even has a write-up on some questions I’d answered, too.

Publish date:  30 October, 2020

Here’s a written Q&A I did with CX Buzz.

Publish date:  27 March, 2021

I was on Engati’s podcast talking CX measures with Veneet Shajn.

Publish date:  7 February, 2021

I highly recommend Gavin Scott‘s Customer Service Gold Dust podcast…not just my episode!

Publish date:  28 July, 2021

I was a guest on the vivacious Supriya Sharma‘s CX…Oh! podcast.  She even has soothing music in the background no doubt an attempt to take the edge of my mania!

Publish date:  27 June, 2021