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Don’t leave that seat empty

There’s an old anecdote that’s probably apocryphal—at least for some brands that like to tout it—that certain Customer-centric companies are “so dedicated” to their Customers that they leave an empty chair at the table in the meeting room where their leadership gets together that is ostensibly to signify where the Customer would be sitting….i.e., their [...]

The big reason you need that outside perspective

I listen to a wide variety of podcasts…I’ve even appeared on quite a few of them myself.  (“Appeared”?  That doesn’t sound right for a podcast.  Anyway.)  In the jumble of all the great content, recently I was listening to one on which the guest made a reference to a movie that I hadn’t thought about [...]

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Good for your Customers doesn’t have to be bad for you

I’ve mentioned before that those of us in the CX profession are both the best and the worst Customers:  the best because we are sympathetic to those in the Customer-facing trades, but also the worst because we expect so much and are always on the lookout for improvement opportunities—even if they’re opportunities for others to improve.  [...]

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Channels, again

We recently swapped service providers here at home for one of our communication services.  The entire experience was a headache and we almost immediately regretted making the switch from our previous provider.  What was so frustrating was that, no matter where we went to look for help, be it in a physical store, online, in the [...]

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Some words about Brand Promise

If you follow my ramblings, you’re aware that I approach CX differently.  Rather than promising higher revenue, sales, and market share (at least, rather than promising it directly), my philosophy about Customer Experience is that it should be founded explicitly on your Brand Promise, and its goal should be eliminating the gaps that exist between [...]

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The 30-50-20 Rule

A potential client contacted me a while back and was inquiring about my framework (well, thanks for asking, of course, you can check it out in my new book!).  If you’ve read much of my stuff, you may know that, once you ground your CX strategy in your Brand Promise, the three moving operational parts [...]

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When Customer Support is the only number Part II

Last week I wrote about an interaction I had with a large well-known brand that provides services for homeowners.  It was a cautionary tale about how challenging it is to actually communicate with some brands. A brief overview of that instance:  At home, we had a service provider with which we’d had a pretty mundane [...]

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