Let’s work together to elevate your Customers’ Experiences.  Below are the building blocks to developing a robust and impactful CX function in your organization.  If you’re interested in learning more, don’t wait, reach out today!  ?

Brand Alignment:

Let’s ensure your CX efforts are strategically aligned with your corporate strategy and brand promise. CX is about more than calling yourself “customer-centric” or adding new banners and promotions to your marketing. We’ll take a hard look at your strategy, honestly assess its readiness for a CX focus, and develop an aligned roadmap that infuses CX into your overall strategy beyond simply overlaying it with jargon.


Let’s enhance our surveys with Nicholas's invention: The Brand Alignment Score.  Rather than the standard CX metrics, this one is based on the true purpose of doing CX in the first place.  Also, we'll move beyond simply surveying.  You interact with your Customers in diverse ways throughout their journeys with your brand.  We’ll tailor a program of listening and learning to find genuine insights into what your Customers want from your brand, and where you can improve what you’re doing to beat those expectations.

Process Engineering:

Let’s do something with your Customers’ inputs…Your VoC program is the guide, not the destination.  Leveraging Process Engineering to address your Customers’ pain-points is the whole reason we’re here in the first place.  Beyond just reporting your metrics, we’ll use them to guide us in improving your internal and Customer-facing processes to improve loyalty, retention, and ultimately, revenues.

CX Culture:

Let’s take care of your team so they can take care of your Customers.  This is about more than perks and benefits:  It’s about making sure your teams are enabled, empowered, and enthused to deliver on your brand promise to your Customers with every interaction.  We’ll assess your organization’s tools and policies, drive authority to use them to the front-line, and walk-the-walk as a leadership team to ensure Customer centricity isn’t just something we talk about…it’s part of who we are.