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  • I can’t believe I’m finally here… You can order the book on Amazon at this link.

  • Link here.  

  • Whoa… scandalous, @jtwatkin!I'm literal with that (oftentimes ridiculous) top-line question, but then always offer much more constructive insights in the open-text (for those willing to read it!) — ✵Nicholas Zeisler (@NicholasZeisler) January 28, 2021  

  • I was on Nancy Munro‘s podcast this week to ring in 2021.  She’s the brilliant CEO of Verbal Transactions.  Check out the recording at this link.

  • Here’s the direct link: Hello Friends! My buddy Ben Goodey had me on his podcast recently. Check it out and share: #cxleaders — ✵Nicholas Zeisler (@NicholasZeisler) November 6, 2020  

  • Here’s a direct link @jnickhughes of Founders Live had me on his podcast recently where we spoke about #cx and #startups and how important it is to listen to your #customers and apply what you learn.Check it out! — ✵Nicholas Zeisler (@NicholasZeisler) October 30, 2020  

  • Hi folks! We've got another Reuters Events Marketing & CX webinar coming up next week:'m looking forward to speaking with Ana Pia Guzman-Briley, MBA from TGI Fridays, @ljasminek from Sutter Health, @caroltran, and from our sponso… — Nicholas Zeisler, CCXP, LSSBB, CSM (@NicholasZeisler) October 23, 2020

  • Link here. It's always a great time when I get to speak with Charlotte Ward…#cx #cxleaders — Nicholas Zeisler, CCXP, LSSBB, CSM (@NicholasZeisler) October 26, 2020

  • Steve DiGioia asks a great question about your Customer-facing team members’ words, but it can be representative of a more deep-seated issue:  Your culture! Steve, great question… Sometimes you need to coach, and sometimes you need to take a look at your culture: Is it compassion-based, or compliance-based? — ✵Nicholas Zeisler (@NicholasZeisler) August […]

  • I’m honored to be invited to participate in the Employers Association of the NorthEast’s WOW (Webinars on Wednesday) program. Check me out coming up next week on how to identify Waste in your day.  And check out the other offerings in this series while you’re at it:  

  • Check out my episode of Nick Glimsdahl‘s podcast, Press 1 For Nick that we recorded a while back and went live this morning:

  • My buddy Nick Glimsdahl interviewed me recently for his podcast, and it’ll be released in just a few days: It's two Nicks… Or as I like to say, a bad day shaving..… but a good day for #cx and #cxleaders@ASalesWarrior, I'm looking forward to this, thanks very much for including me! — ✵Nicholas Zeisler […]

  • Another great webinar from Reuters Events Marketing & CXNext Wednesday at 10AM!Register here:'m looking forward to chatting with @willcady from Reddit, Inc., Doug Jensen from The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., and Sachin Puri fr… — ✵Nicholas Zeisler (@NicholasZeisler) July 30, 2020

  • Reuters Events has published the replay of the webinar I moderated last week.  It’s the first one we’ve done with video (via Zoom)  Check it out here:  

  • Another Reuters Events Marketing & CX webinar? Yes, Please!Register here: I'm looking forward to chatting with Nigel Henry, Michael Kuenne, and Mike McCarron.Special thanks to Scott Cormack for running the show..I'll see you… — ✵Nicholas Zeisler (@NicholasZeisler) July 15, 2020  

  • Register here: small donation gets you in on this. This is going to be a fantastic event. Please join me next Tuesday, 7/21, along with some of the sharpest and most insightful entrepreneurs and thought leaders in business to… — ✵Nicholas Zeisler (@NicholasZeisler) July 14, 2020    

  • Stanley Tucci, eat your heart out! Covid weekend number 2,138 (it seems). And apropos of nothing, here’s our recipe for the perfect mojito: Loved your #Negroni, but @tucci_stanley eat your heart out…The Perfect Mojito ?#nonwork #weekend #CX — ✵Nicholas Zeisler (@NicholasZeisler) June 14, 2020    

  • My friend Jeremy Watkin wrote a blog post for CX Accelerator about ascertaining the VoC without surveys.  Check it out here  

  • Another Incite Group by Reuters Events webinar this week!Register here: at 10am Denver Time! Join me and Erin Sheehan from San Diego Padres, Colin Crowley from Freshly, Fiona Blakesley from Intuit, and our sponsor,… — ✵Nicholas Zeisler (@NicholasZeisler) June 2, 2020  

  • Hi Friends. A couple weeks ago a good friend and business owner asked me what all this CX stuff was about.  Inspired, I put together this little video.  Enjoy (and share!):  

  • A few weeks back I was interviewed by the great Charlotte Ward for her recurring series. Check it out here!

  • Register HERE: Join me for another Incite Group webinar next week! — ✵Nicholas Zeisler (@NicholasZeisler) May 1, 2020  

  • As I say, apropos of nothing (Click through to check out the thread): Can't go to dinner. Can't go to shows. Cooped up. Are you spending weekends streaming classic movies too? Apropos of nothing, in no particular order, and not terribly good, here are a few synopses, haiku-style… Feel free to add yours to the […]

  • Check out the latest webinar from Incite Group by Reuters Events headed your way next week: Register HERE! Hi Folks! Webinar coming up on Thursday the 30th at 11am Denver time!Follow the link to register: — ✵Nicholas Zeisler (@NicholasZeisler) April 23, 2020