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Webinar this week:

Hi folks! We've got another Reuters Events Marketing & CX webinar coming up next week:'m looking forward to speaking with Ana Pia Guzman-Briley, MBA from TGI Fridays, @ljasminek from Sutter Health, @caroltran, and from our sponso…— Nicholas Zeisler, CCXP, LSSBB, CSM (@NicholasZeisler) October 23, 2020

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Customer Success is not CX

I’ve written previously about different job postings with CX-sounding titles.  One of those jobs is in the family of “Customer Success” positions.  If you’re like me, and work in CX, you may have wondered, What, exactly, is, Customer Success?  From a CX perspective, it may be useful to understand how these roles and their responsibilities [...]

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Transactional and relationship surveys: They’re different

“Well, it’s because they’re different.” The not-deliberately snarky, yet somewhat oversimplified tautological response was understandably not satisfying for the support business leader who’d asked me why I thought NPS would be different for the different lines of business his organization supported.  But in the end, it’s no more complicated than that.  Forget that I was, [...]

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The value of certifications

I once had a mentor whose cubicle walls were covered in certificates and evidence of completion of training and qualification.  People considered him a bit of an egotist and obsessed with certifications.  Credentialism is a thing, after all.  But I asked him once about all his accreditations.  He said, “Some people say, ‘Sure, well you’re [...]

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