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Throwback: A little bit of Seoul

Here’s a throw-back article I wrote back in 2017, as United Airlines was retiring their 747 airframe.  It’s tangentially CX-related, and although I’m no PointsGuy, I think it does a pretty good job as a travelogue.  And if nothing else, it’s a reminder that we used to be able to get out there and travel. [...]

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CYA is not CX

The other day I spent about 45 minutes round-trip (short by standards…read on) and about $45 mailing Christmas cards.  Happy Holidays to our family and friends who receive one from us! I use the word “mailing” deliberately because that’s all I was doing.  I wasn’t shopping for them, digging through my computer to find the [...]

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CX professionals are the best (and worst) Customers

The Wall Street Journal has a daily column called “Best of the Web Today.”  Its originator, James Taranto, created it as a bit of a light-hearted end-of-the-day quick-hit piece with a bit of political commentary thrown in as well.  A recurring gag is to make little jokes about headlines published around the Web that, regardless [...]

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Communication is key

One of my Five Principles of Good CX is Communication.  You can screw a lot of things up with your Customers and they’ll still forgive you, but if you’re keeping information from them or leaving them in the dark, there’s really little excuse.  Sometimes you don’t know things, but letting them know you don’t know [...]

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