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The risks of executive escalations

Executive escalations can be a real life-saver for an organization.  Whether it’s a high-profile Customer or just someone whose experience has gone completely off the rails, sometimes escalating dramatically can truly save the day for CX.  I recently had an experience that was saved by an executive escalation.  I happen to know a Senior Director [...]

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Maybe you are already “doing” CX

“You’re soaking in it.”  Do you remember that commercial for dishwashing soap that was supposed to be so incredibly good for your skin that the lady who’d gone in (to see Madge, remember?) for a manicure was unknowingly enjoying its benefits, thinking she was dipping her fingers into some wonderful skin tonic?  Or have you heard [...]

The struggle for feedback

I came across the following article I wrote in an earlier part of my consulting career (I was much thinner then).  Without knowing it at the time, I foreshadowed a lot of reflection that I use now as an executive CX consultant and Fractional CCO.  At the time my practice was mainly focused on training [...]

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Channel Surfing

I have covered my experience using Twitter to solve a support problem in a previous article.  For many CX (and definitely Customer support) professionals, the channel is ‘the thing’.  We often talk about switching channels, being multi-channel, being omni-channel.  It sometimes seems like an obsession. A colleague recently posted in one of the online discussion [...]

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