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Employee experience begins with candidates

The world of work out there these days is simply weird.  With unemployment clearly and dramatically impacted by the choices made in response to the whole Covid-19 mess, and yet the economy going gangbusters, it’s hard to understand if things are good or bad sometimes. Lots of organizations are looking to hire, and especially in [...]

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Reasons to read and share

LinkedIn, Medium, tons of CX blogs and websites, including the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), Customer Think, and others, are all great sources of information for those looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of Customer Experience.  There are insights into specific tactical issues, organizational concepts and approaches, strategic thought leadership, and much more.  Given [...]

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CX for SaaS

I’ve done some work with some folks in the software as a service (SaaS) space and have lots of colleagues and friends who are also working there.  Whenever I talk with them about Customer Experience, I always chuckle when the conversation turns to the Voice of the Customer. […]

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