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Agile and CX: Prioritizing People over process

This is the first in a four-part series of articles about Agile/Scrum and how we as CX practitioners and leaders can integrate the approach and theories of Agile Project Management in our work.  I’m framing the series by way of highlighting Agile’s four values as enumerated in the Agile Manifesto and also integrating what are called [...]

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Agile and CX

One of the more curious—and least expected—experiences in my professional career is how I became a professor at the US Air Force Academy.  I wasn’t formally trained as an educator but learned at the knee of some wonderful academicians and thought-leaders in the field.  One thing that I took to right away was analogizing, or [...]

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Regulation as a CX opportunity

As a CX consultant and Fractional Chief Customer Officer, at times I’ve had clients and worked with companies in highly-regulated industries; from healthcare to insurance as well as others.  In the online webinar panels I moderate, I also come across senior leaders at companies in these sorts of fields all the time.  I love working [...]

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Is NPS right for you?

Does NPS make sense for you? Let’s try this thought experiment:  Say you’re a plastic surgeon, specializing in a bespoke and specific sort of work that’s…um, shall we say, personal in nature.  Naturally, all plastic surgery is by definition personal, but I mean that your specialty is the sort of thing that people…just don’t talk [...]

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Don’t abandon your Chief Customer Officer

I was recently speaking with a friend who’s a Chief Customer Officer.  She was in good spirits but nonetheless was lamenting a bit about her colleagues:  “It’s like I feel I have to defend my existence sometimes,” she said.  Oh, boy, have I been there.  My career has included time within PMOs, BPM/BPI organizations, and [...]

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