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Where’s your deli?

Here’s a random thought that occurred to me the other day.  I promise I’m going somewhere with it, though: The deli should be at the front of a grocery store.  Now, I’m in way over my head here, because I’m sure that there’s a lot that goes into the planning of the layout of such [...]

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Easier for whom?

As an Air Force Reservist, I’m always on the lookout for the ‘military discount’ to save a buck or two.  Many brands offer a markdown of some sort:  Flash your Common Access Card (CAC, the unnecessary obviously-has-to-be-an-acronym term we use to mean, “Military ID”) at checkout, and a lot of places knock 5, 10, or [...]

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CX is about more than competence

If you manufacture widgets, you may have market dominance based on being super-duper great at making widgets.  Perhaps you’ve got a niche in a particular type of widget or a certain feature.  Likewise, if you’re a service provider and you have perfected a certain sort of experience in delivering that service to your market, you’re [...]

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