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Don’t call us

I received another one just this morning, and you may have also.  It’s an email from a company that just loves its Customers, but implores them to not write back.  So emphatic are they about how important their Customers are to them that they explicitly go out of their way to forestall communications. Of course, [...]

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It’s not your fault but it is your responsibility

I recently wrote about how important it is that brands not just be competent in delivering the products or services they provide to their Customers.  From perusing your website, to making a selection there or in a physical location, to paying, to delivery, use, and re-purchase, Customers engage with your company along an entire journey [...]

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Adversity brings out true character

There’s a saying that you can really tell a lot about people’s character by seeing how they handle adversity.  Sure, when things are going well, everybody’s got a great disposition, the idea goes.  But it’s when we’re tested that our true selves show through. I was thinking of that recently when we had an Internet [...]

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