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Don’t try to be Zappos…Just do better than the DMV

There’s a saying in CX:  You’re not only competing against your industry peers, you’re also competing against Zappos.  While folks in the shoe business can take that sentiment seriously and literally, the idea is that Customers these days are getting more used to outstanding experiences from certain brands.  Besides the online shoe retailer, people point [...]

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What makes a CX job an actual CX Job?

When I left my last internal, corporate CX gig to go back into consulting, I wasn’t interested in taking on another full-time job. But a series of continuing interactions with recruiters and start-up founders has made me curious about it so from time to time I poke around on job boards and take a look more [...]

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Does FCR make sense? It depends.

I recently took part in a discussion among CX experts regarding FCR, short in our parlance for First Contact Resolution. That it used to be called First Call Resolution speaks to one point I want to make. We struggled with this in the last job I had as the Director of CX: How to even define FCR. Some [...]

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