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A week’s worth of #CXQOTD

I've been busy this week teaching summer session at the US Air Force Academy so haven't been posting here.  But I have found the time to respond to a bunch of CX Questions of the Day: Monday, Jeremy was asking about Journey Mapping: Then, Tuesday, Neal Topf popped in to sub for Jeremy with a [...]

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Add purpose to your goals so they’re meaningful

I write a lot about understanding why you’re doing something as a means of helping you to decide what to do and how to do it.  It’s an idea I’ve stolen from Simon Sinek who wrote a whole book about it in fact.  His book was general and strategic but I also apply it to [...]

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The Perfect Mojito

Stanley Tucci, eat your heart out! Covid weekend number 2,138 (it seems). And apropos of nothing, here’s our recipe for the perfect mojito:    

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Don’t excuse it…solve it!

Customers don’t care about why you can’t get it done; they just want you to get it done.  Before you say that that sounds unfair, I’m not suggesting they want you to defy the laws of physics and make the impossible possible (well…usually they don’t).  Let me give you a small—yes, trivial—example: The other day [...]

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Goodhart’s Law and clarity of goals

I’d written previously about Goodhart’s Law, which goes along the lines of, once a metric becomes a goal it ceases to be a good measure.  Now, I choose the words “metric”, “goal”, and “measure” all deliberately because they mean slightly different things (even if their subject is the same).  A measure is the most generic [...]

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